Where to Find Content?


Way back, the way to ace online marketing was to get hold of some popular keywords and post them continuously on your site until you achieved high search ranking. As time went by the key to success of a page became content, everybody jumped on the bandwagon and started blog posts.

Now internet has become an ultimate heaven of content available, creativity is hard to find and hard to use as a ladder to success.

Things need to be taken a step further, give yourself a break from all that writing and share some already available content on the internet. This is known as content curation; it is one of the tools you can use to succeed on social media.

By curing content, you can show your audience that you are very well informed and know quite a bit about your industry. If you share whimsical memes about your industry, then all the better. It shows that you’re funny, interesting and your content deserves to be read and shared.


Content Curation Parameters

Curating content is not a complicated science, but there are certain points you have to keep in mind while doing so.


Share Valuable Content

 When you want to share content, go through it and see whether it’s valuable enough to be shared. Value comes in two ways for example if you share something funny and meme friendly you’ll get a lot of engagement; nobody can deny it’s value though. On the other had it should also have something positive about it too.

Before posting something you should ask yourself whether your users want to see something like it or not. If not, you can make a curation list and add the content to it.


Don’t Copy too Much

 When you’re curating content make sure you’re not copying too much. This creates more issue if you curate on your blog not when you curate on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Facebook has a built-in feature that lets you share links, it has an automated function that creates a description and a preview.

You can copy some of the destination so your audience can know what they’re getting by clicking this link, but doing it too much will look like content theft.


Link Original Source of an Article

Link the original source of an article that you’re curating. If you’re not linking the original source, there has to be a valid reason for example if you’re trying to make a point. You have to tell your users that the article you’re posting has something right or wrong.

This can give you some leverage to share the article without linking it to original site. Always try to provide the source of your content.


Use Various Sources for Content

 Always use more than one sources for your content. If all the content you’ve shared come from one source, you will seem more an affiliate than a curator. It will also seem that you don’t conduct research about your content. The point is to bring a lot of variety or your users to enjoy. Your audience would want to come to your page so they can find new webpages to visit not to go through the same pages over and over again.


Don’t Post Links Without Commentary

 Who on internet click blindly on a link, I don’t and neither do you. So when you’re posting a link, make sure you post commentary with it as well. You can add description, your own opinion and reasons why you’re sharing this link. The key is to always seem positive, avoid posting controversial and profane content. This will steer your audience away from your page.


Promote with Caution

You should always be careful regarding promoting a post on social networks. It makes no sense promoting something that doesn’t link to your own page. It’s like promoting someone else’s traffic.


Now the question arises, where can you find free content?

Here’s a list below


Front page of Internet: Reddit

Reddit is called the frontpage of the entire WWW, it is a massive platform and social network. The amount of traffic it receives is huge.You can find a lot of content in sub-reddit, and sub forums. This content is specially curated for various topics.

You can first make a list of topics you’re interested in and look for it there. All the content is posted by users themselves and it keeps on updating. So what you can do is select the content that’s your favorite and go with it.


Topsy Twitter

Topsy really focuses on Twitter. Twitter is extremely responsive; this amount of engagement doesn’t exist on any other social media platform. There are usually weird tweets and comments from celebrities on Twitter so you have to skim through all this useless data to get what you really want.

You can use Topsy to search Twitter for the topics you’re looking for and you can also see people who are talking about it. You can also confine your search to image, tweets with videos or just tweets only.


Trends Google has to Offer

Google is required to complete this list. There are Google’s trending sections, Google+, Google news. The content is available and caters to every topic, all you have to do is go through once or twice a day and select the one you require.


Flipboard Mobile App

Flipboard is an app used for mobile platform but can be used efficiently on your PC with an emulator. Flipboard allows you to trim information sources to suit yourself. It creates magazine designed specifically for you. The mobile app has more than 29,000 topics which you can ignore if you’re not interested in any of them. After that, the app creates headlines for you that you can view on your phone.

What you can do is utilize the content of the influencers of your industry. For `example, if you’re running a clothing brand you can utilize the content Gucci, Ralph Lauren or YSL posted on their blogs. Never forget to give credits.