Why getting too many likes for your Facebook page is not a good idea?

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Facebook is a social media network giant that has influenced people of every age and every gender from all around the globe. Now if you are not active on Facebook, you are considered an outdated person. Internet has many options available for internet businesses and companies who want to utilize social media websites for promotional purposes. Well, now people have realized the importance of internet marketing as every other person is an internet user.

If you own an online website or a store, it is important to have a Facebook fan page for your Facebook audience so that you can interact with them and get feedback that can be used to develop your services. Facebook has been changing its policies for so many times that you do not know what is the next day going to bring! These new policies and settings are no doubt very helpful for online promotions and marketing of brands. Now, Facebook ads are there to advertise your business in a great way. You can simply invest in these ads and get your business promoted to the right audience. Facebook has mad it possible to target your audience according to mutual interests and demographics. You might have noticed ads and other pages on the right side of your Facebook profile that would be related to your interests and your area.

However, having a Facebook page is just not enough for marketing your business as you need to have a reasonable amount of followers for your account too! The number of followers you have on your social media channels is a great way to beat your rivals with your popularity. Although it is not always about numbers and  figures but according to latest trends more followers and more likes means more demand. So you cannot just deny the vital role of having more followers for your social media accounts. If you are not getting enough comments on your posts and enough likes for your photos that you recently uploaded on your Facebook page, you are missing something very important. You must get more likes and more comments so that you can engage more audience in discussions and conversations. However, if you are trying very hard and you are still not getting best results, then there is another choice that could be taken into consideration. Buy fans and likes for your Facebook page!

Yes, that is right that you can buy more likes for your Facebook fan page by investing a little amount of money. Many online websites are selling likes and comments for Facebook page owners that can help boost the popularity and credibility of brands. You can also get likes bots for Facebook page that can improve your likes whenever you want. You can get thousands of likes in few hours. So this is a great way to improve your Facebook popularity.

However, according to Internet experts, it might not be a great idea as anything that is not right cannot make you successful for long term. It can damage your brand and make you lose trust in front of your online customers who have been loyal to your brand. So can you lose your loyal customers for the sake of getting more likes for your Facebook page? Check out the following reasons that why getting more likes for your Facebook page is not a good idea.

Lower user engagement

If you think that you would buy likes for your page on Facebook, and you will get many comments and likes for your posts, you are expecting something that is never going to happen. These fake likes are from fake accounts and users who are not humans but bots. These bots represent themselves as Facebook users, and they might increase the fan figure of your number, but they cannot provide you benefits of having a real follower.

Having a page with just hundred customers who actively discuss and talk to you about your brand and products is better than having thousands of fake likes who are not real persons. Your user engagement will drop, and you will get just a number; nothing else!

Lower EdgeRank

Facebook will show you in lower search results, and there will be no improvement in your ranking. Buying fans and likes can only help you in improving that number that is shown to others on Facebook. Other than that, there will be no benefits likes improving your ranking or higher position in search results.

Getting banned from Facebook

This is a fact that you cannot get million likes for your Facebook page in one day unless you are Mila Kunis, and you just gave birth to a baby girl! Unfortunately you are not a celebrity so bu buying more likes, you will get banned from Facebook as it will detect the likes that come from bots. Any suspicious activity will get you banned, and this will be going to hurt you a lot; in terms of your online reputation.

Damaging your online reputation

After your account will be suspended or blocked, your reputation will be injured as your loyal customers will not trust you anymore. You will lose customers and damage to your brand will be irreparable in most of the cases.

Losing your real followers

By buying likes for your Facebook page, you will lose credibility as your real followers will think of you as a materialistic person. If you could buy likes, why would you need help of real fans to like your posts and buy your products? So this will make you lose your potential customers, and your sales will drop.

Having more likes is a good thing but don’t just make it the only strategy to become successful on Facebook. There are many strategies and ways that can be used for improving your fan base on Facebook as well as on other social media websites. So fake likes and followers will just increase your number; nothing else!