YouTube: How to make a better video than your competition

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If you ask for any perfect formula that exists for making a favorite YouTube video, sorry to say there is none! If something works in one case, it may not work for another. So there is no perfect recipe that can tell you that this quantity of ingredients can make your video sweeter or saltier. You can just try to focus on your strengths for video making and determine the factors that other popular video makers may be using to become famous on YouTube. If you have a strong competitor, you must analyze the weaknesses and strengths of his popular videos so that you can take a lesson from him for making a video that can become famous!

Here are few factors that are prerequisite for making a good video on YouTube;
• A short and to the point video
• A clearly explained video with a quick message
• Contact information for the maker
• Targeted for a particular audience visibly
• The beginning as well as intervals have call to action with a healthy reward
• Content is 100% unique
So these are just tactics to make an excellent video on YouTube. If you are trying to make a viral video, you need to learn more. The formula, for creating a popular or viral video, is a tricky one. You never know when something can become a hit or a flop! However, you can analyze your audience and then hit them with the right content. For example, if your audience is young girls, you can hit them with new Taylor swift songs parody or a lip sync video with an element of humor. Just create anything that your audience is longing to watch and cannot find anywhere else and see the magic begins!
YouTube is more than 25% of the whole internet search traffic and if you think your video can become accessible without using this social media website, you are very wrong and you are definitely missing out on a chance to get million views and followers. You do not need to become a video guru or spend much money in making your video popular. Just the right content at the right time for the right audience!
So if you have decided to become a better video maker than your YouTube competitor, you need to start right now. You can try some of the following suggestions if you are confused about making your impression the best impression to your YouTube viewers. Just have a look and be awesome!
Never ignore the title
Title is something that can make or break your video so don’t you ever try to overlook the importance of your title. It is a way to capture your audience. So make it something that comes in the searches and drive traffic to your videos. For example, you can try WHERE TO LISTEN TO THIS NEW SONG XYZ. People search with words why, how, when and having a word like this in your videos can increase the chances that they will find you.
What is your goal?
If you do not have any purpose for making your videos and still you want them to become famous, well this is not a thing that is possible. If you will not try to get something, how will you get it? So don’t forget to make a strategy for getting 1000 subscribers or 10,000 views for your YouTube video. You will then try it and chances are there that you will succeed.
However, make sure your competitor’s goals should not become your objectives. The competition is a healthy thing, and you must think of getting more views and subscribers for your YouTube channel but don’t just follow your competitors strategies as your own. Your uniqueness is what will get you more popularity. If you measure your level of success by someone else’s metrics, you are going to a failure. Make sure your goals are enough for you to set up a bar.
Keep the uniqueness alive
You may have heard from many internet marketers that images and visuals have more impact than text and blog posts especially if you are on social media channels. This is right because people love to watch images that are worth thousand words so how can you underestimate the value of a good video. A good and properly made video will be worth millions of words. There are many people out there who just want to relax in their chairs and watch videos on YouTube. Watching videos save time and give you a better message than just reading or watching images. So if your video is unique, it is already better than your competitor. Make something that anybody else is not making.
For example, if you are a new chef and your competitors are other chefs with experience and lot of subscribers, you can try new additions and styles to your cooking videos. You can add new ideas like grocery shopping, how to choose potatoes or what brand to look at so that you are content is unique. Then people will come to you for watching your videos. If your videos are not unique and different, viewers will have no reason to watch your videos. Just demonstrate in a clear way and spread your message.
Invest in high-quality cameras
In this age of high-speed internet and HD videos, you cannot even think of making a professional video with an ordinary camera. If you think so, you are already out of the game! Well, that’s right that many popular and viral videos were made with the raw quality cameras but that was a matter of luck. If you want to focus on targeting your competitor, you need to improve the quality. Success will be yours if you will try for it; only luck will not make you popular on YouTube. You must put efforts in getting a camera that produces HD quality videos so that your viewers can enjoy your video with best colors and resolution.
It will be the choice of the viewers to watch video in their selected category of quality, but you should offer them. It is up to them if they want to see HD or just 240p. Have you ever heard someone saying that a video is bad because it was HD?
Record in perfect resolution
That is right that perfect resolution means high quality, but you must keep in mind that YouTube has its formats too! Recording in a format of 4:3 and 16:9 can be your bet. However, if you are serious about driving your competitor crazy, make 1280×720 pixels video with HD resolution. The results will speak for themselves this way!
Choose your hue
If you are making a video that contains some funny element, the colors and settings of your video must match with the ambiance. Adding a little more white balance or effects like sepia or something that can make your video look funnier can do the trick and people will love watching your video.
Do you have a microphone?
Buying a good receiver is a one-time investment, and it can go a long way. Do you like seeing amateur mistakes in videos that you watched in the past? No! So can you make these mistakes while making a better video than your competitor’s video? Again no! So please do yourself a favor and buy a good quality microphone so that your audience can hear you clearly. They do not have time to repeat the part they missed out. They will just switch the channel and watch another video, so don’t give them a reason to do that.
A good lighting
Well, just like you need a microphone; you need to have a good lighting option too! All these things go hand in hand because one thing boosts others and in such a way, a great video can be created. However, if you just ignore one factor, everything will be ruined. If you have a great idea to make a video that is up to the level of your competitor’s video and you have perfect camera and everything you need but you want to save money on lighting, you are definitely setting yourself up for a flop video!
For videos that are about demonstration or review, a good lighting is critical. People need to see things clearly as HD allows them to watch everything deeply. Use sufficient light for your video that everything is visible in the video. If you will not give best results and there are blackouts and blurry sessions, how can you expect your video will your competitor video?
An attractive background and perfect scene
For an excellent video on YouTube, a complete background is crucial. If there is a lot going on behind you while you record your video, people will feel distracted, and they will not focus on you. That’s okay if you are a traveller and you want to show your viewers all surroundings and the beach and the fun but if it’s a demonstration, a review, an explanation of something important, a simple and calm background is what you need most! So keep your scene up to date with your theme. Your video must offer more than your background.
Are you yourself?
Well, that’s a point that every other favorite video maker will suggest you on YouTube but they will not tell you how to be yourself and become popular at the same time? So ask yourself and try to focus your interests while making theme of the videos.
In case, you are not interested in any theme but you try hard for making a video, you will end up having a video with no effects and excitement. If you do not love your job, you cannot excel in this. Same is the case with video making on YouTube.
Practice makes perfect
You must have listened to this proverb in your college and school days. Well, it’s time to understand what that means! If you are trying to beat your competitors with you are awesomely made videos do more and more practice. It will remove your flaws and make your more fluent as well as improve your flair. Just practice and practice till you feel like you are on the video, and there is nothing outside! Be a part of the video.\
If you think a segment is confusing you record it ten times but never make a mistake uploading a video in which you are not clear about what you are doing or saying.
Live streaming is the new cool
Well, with the arrival of live streaming on YouTube, you can go live while making your videos. The videos with BEHIND, THE SCENES material is often more interesting than the main video. Let your viewers watch you making a video and have fun with you. They will connect to you in a better way as they will understand how much it took to watch a video that they are watching with ease.
This is very beneficial if you are trying to build your YouTube channel and an active community. There are a lot of YouTube users that like to watch live streaming and due to high-speed internet, this has become even easier. So why not have fun with your efforts and make your viewers laugh. Let them see you making mistakes, and they will realize how hard you tried for making this particular video. They will appreciate your efforts and next time you will upload a video, they will ask for BEHIND THE SCENES part too!
Simpler is better
If your competitor is getting many views and subscribers for his videos, there must be something that he is doing right. Analyze that factor and simplify it for your use. Try to keep everything simple. If you are adding everything in a video, it will make your viewers feel overwhelming which is not good. A feeling of overwhelming is not funny, and people will not like it. All you need is to understand what your competitor is doing right and simplify it to the simplest form.
There is no need to make anything complex or difficult to understand while making a YouTube video. There will be dumb people watching your videos so do you want to leave your channel just because your video making standards are higher?
Draw attention of viewers
You must be doing something in your video that others are not! This way your viewers will start expecting something from you, and it can benefit you in many ways. When your subscribers will expect something new, they will constantly visit your channel and set up their notifications just to watch your videos. Have a hook. Start out differently with every video if you can. Draw people into what you are going to share with them. You can promote your brand as well as engage the viewers by giving them something new and different.
Keep your video on track
If your videos are about product demonstrations, you must make sure the video is about just demonstration. If you take much time getting started in the video, people will think of it as a waste of time. So save their time and do yourself a favor of keeping yourself on the topic of the video.
Humor is what you need but not always
For a successful YouTube video, humor is a definite element. When your viewers will watch something unexpected in your videos that will be funny at the same time, this will is a good experience for them. However, don’t push it if you cannot find anything funny. If your videos do not link with anything funny, let them be serious. Just don’t try to insert anything that is in trend to make your video better than your rival on YouTube.
Save the time of viewers
YouTube has a limit of 10 minute’s video upload for most of the producers. So if you are one of them, make sure you use your first minutes to capture the attention of the viewers. If you are taking so long to start the actual action or real fun in your videos, you are doing something atrocious. Try to deliver your message clearly in the first few minutes. If you think you have more content to share, you can create a series of videos that contain segments. However, don’t just prolong the video for the sake of using all the 10 minutes. Most of the viewers just switch if they cannot get relevant content in the first 2 to 3 minutes. So don’t make them do that!
Maintain a schedule of HD videos
People like to anticipate anything when they are using social media so your subscribers will be expecting the same from you. Don’t disappoint them with making videos at wrong times or with incorrect intervals. Having a schedule will benefit you as well as your viewers. For example if you are promoting your brand on YouTube, you can tell your subscribers about giveaways and discounts going on for your brand on your official website of if you have written a blog post which is special, you can tell them about that.
A schedule will make your subscribers active when you upload videos and they will watch them, like them, share them and follow them. You can keep days for everything, for example, Mondays for new uploads, Fridays for promotional videos and anything that just keep your viewers coming back to your YouTube channel.
Engage your viewers using your video making skills
If you are not talking to your viewers in your YouTube videos, you are not engaging them in better ways. You must not sound like a robot, talking all about himself and the content of the video and that is it! Ask for feedback, ask for suggestions and add a call to action wherever necessary. Tell them about your purpose of making this particular video that they are watching. Tell them the idea behind the video and ask them to like your social media profile or website. Don’t just trust the descriptions and tags of your videos as people need to be reminded again and again. However, don’t spam them with continuously telling you about anything. Keep everything in a suitable proportion.
Use right and interesting annotations
If you want to make your viewers laugh by their hearts while watching your funny videos, don’t forget to add annotations to your videos. They can make anything funny and incredibly humorous.
Use Tags wisely
If you want to give your YouTube competitor a tough competition, don’t forget to use Tags that are just kickass! People like to find videos using specific tags and searches. Make sure you have enough tags that are relevant and easy to be found on YouTube. More tags will make your videos appear in more searches, and you will have more chances to get more views and more subscribers.
Don’t try to copy your competitors
If you are on your edge of trying harder to make good videos and to get more subscribers but nothing is working out the way it should, don’t panic. Don’t try to copy anyone else on YouTube. It will destroy your brand name, in the long run. You can try anything else for attracting more viewers or make a new video marketing strategy. However, copying your rivals is never helpful.
Don’t repeat your videos
If you are running out of videos to be posted on your YouTube channel, don’t post any old video just for the sake of posting something. People do not want to see an already seen video again and again. So give them something new every time. You can do it by making a long video when you are at your best. Then break it into segments or series and upload them from time to time. This will keep your content unique, and you will not run out of new videos when you are unable to make a new one.
Use Post Video Response
People like the videos that are made to respond to something else. You can use the post video response option on your channel to use any video as an answer to your originally posted video. YouTube users are most likely to watch these response videos so you can attract their attention using this amazing feature.
Maintain an up to date blog
If you are trying to spread your videos all around the world, make a blog that is specifically used for the video descriptions, ideas and themes for your videos. Share the stories of the people about your inspirations, interests and the reasons behind making any video. Link your YouTube channel with your online blog and tell your followers to watch your videos. You can also tell your viewers about your blog. They can read about your videos when they do not want to watch. So this will benefit you as you will get subscribers who want to watch as well as those who wish to read.
For example, if you make a review video for YouTube, you can link it back to the blog post that contains the same product review. This way you can drive more traffic to your blog as well as satisfy the people who just want to read the review without watching videos.
Well, these were just suggestions, in fact, the basics that you should use while making a video better than your competitors. If you try to analyze your audience and keep yourself on track, you will beat your competitors.