YouTube To Take Down Indie Music Channels

YouTube is about to release their ad-free streaming music service and controversy is already brewing. YouTube has announced the termination and blocking of many independent music channels from their site. This comes after they announced their new music streaming feature that will be released later this year.

Jack White, Adele, and Arctic Monkeys are just a few artists that are at risk of losing their music and channels, says The Guardian. The pricing for the music feature services has not be published yet and YouTube has yet to comment on the removal of these recording artists. Many indie musicians have to took it to the Google forums to protest the music streaming feature.

Since the music service is not free, YouTube has also stated that the music will be available to listen even when you are offline or disconnected from the internet. This sounds good and interesting, but does YouTube really think that blocking the indie music channels or removing them, will make their users want to pay for their music streaming service?

News outlets such as BBC, NYTimes & VBTimes have reported about the lost of channels.

We hope YouTube comes to a safe clean resolution with this.