YouTube Views, Billboard & The Music Industry

NEW YORK — The music industry has always been about competition and dominance. With the Billboard charts becoming more harder to secure a spot position. The music industry has recently incorporated YouTube views into its charting system, which makes it easier to rank popular singles.

This recent YouTube views formula has made charting new singles more simpler because all the system has to do is scan the latest  online plays. Its a big step that Billboard took when it changed its algorithm for its singles charting. This means that you can now chart on the Billboard Hot 100 with only YouTube views and Spotify plays.

This makes it easier for internet breakthrough artists to enter the Billboard charts and receive airplay. Some singles that broke into the Billboard charts because of this new algorithm are “Harlem Shake”, “Gangnam Style”, “Chinese Food”, “Hot Ni**a” and “#Selfie”. All these successful singles have one thing in common, they have a strong YouTube, Facebook and blog presence.

This is all it takes for a single that top the Billboard charts now a days. Billboard is making it easier for any musician with a good online following to have a chance to top any chart system. The Heat seekers chart system is a more easier system to chart compared to the Hot 100. Artists like J-Dash, Jake Miller and Megan Nicole have all topped this chart with online followings.

For any artists that’s looking to take their career to the next level, its important to increase your sales and plays. Spotify is a good site where your music needs to be listened. Your YouTube videos should be receiving a massive amount of views. Sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit & 9Gag are known for making unpopular videos go viral overnight.

This can cause a Billboard chart entry or a Twitter trending chart entry. Whatever chart you enter, just know that social media now counts more than ever before.