Are YOU guilty of these Facebook faux pas?

From inane personal problems to endless baby pictures, users reveal the social media habits that annoy them the most

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    • An in-depth survey has detailed the five Facebook behaviors that users find to be most annoying
    • People agreed that selfies, baby pictures, food snaps, political rants, and posts about personal problems were the worst
    • The survey also broke the results down by state and sex
    • In addition, they figured out how often people stalk their exes and how long they could go without Facebook, and

    Though they are not officially listed in Facebook’s rules, there do seem to be a few unspoken principles that most people should abide by on social media – namely, don’t bombard your friends with pictures of your kids, personal snapshots, and long, negative updates on what’s going wrong in your life or in the country.

    To prove that point, anew survey of 10,000 people conducted by sought to find out just what annoys people the most on Facebook.

    The company found that posts about personal problems, selfies, political rants, food pictures, and baby pictures were the ones most likely to lead a person to click ‘unfriend’.

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Facebook faux pas: A new survey has revealed the habits that social media users hate the most, with the results being broken down by sex and state

Less is more: People listed selfies, political rants, posts about personal problems, baby pictures, and snaps of food as the most annoying

Of those five categories, the posts found most annoying, by far, were those about personal problems. Status updates complaining about things going wrong in one’s life – from relationship issues to job woes – are loathed by 62 per cent of men and 67 per cent of women.

Rantic also broke the results down by state, finding which types of posts are most annoying in different parts of the country.

While most states agree on the ‘personal problem’ problem, a few named other status updates as their least favorite to encounter.

People from New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, South Dakota, and Oregon are all sick of seeing pictures of other people’s babies, probably due to the handful of mothers who insist on updating their entire social media following on every last one of their child’s milestones.

Residents in Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina all wish more than anything else that their Facebook friends would stop ranting about politics, regardless of their party.

And it seems that people who live in Washington, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina can’t seem to put their selfie sticks down – and are sharing way too many pictures of themselves.

Keep it to yourself! According to this social media map, the biggest pet peeve throughout the US is people posting about their personal problems

In fact, it seems like other peoples’ annoying habits might actually be making people feel less hooked to the social networking site.
Of those polled, 73 per cent of women said they could go 30 to 60 days without logging on, while 62 per cent of men insisted they could go longer, staying away for 60 to 90 days.
Part of the issue could also be that so many people don’t really know their Facebook friends all that well, and can get any necessary life updates in person from people they actually talk to.
Of the men polled, two thirds said only 60 to 80 per cent of their Facebook friends were ‘real’ friends, and three fifths of women said that number was even lower, at 40 to 60 per cent.
There is at least one thing the men and women seemed able to agree on, though. Over half of respondents of both sexes reported looking at photos of their ex-girlfriends and boyfriends several times a month.
Most men said they checked up on past loves five to ten times in that period, while the majority of women put that number at 10 to 15 times.