This is How Rantic Manipulates Trending Pages Online.

Trending positions on social media: Achieved for the right buck.


Basic Facts about Rantic:

  • We hav raked Over 50,000 clients till date.
  • Over 350,000 orders completed with satisfied customers.
  • Rantic was responsible for one of Internet’s biggest hoaxes “EmmaYouAreNext”.
  • We are the Internet’s leading social media marketing company in a “social media likes” industry currently worth over 1 billion dollars.
  • Rantic predicted Instagram’s mass removal of “spam accounts”.
  • We have landed over 100 videos on trending pages of YouTube.
  • Rantic generated over 60 Twitter trending topics online for politicians and musicians.
  • Has helped celebrities on Instagram to achieve 5 million  and up to 10 million followers mark.

Some fun facts about “buying followers industry”:

  1. You can climb on any top Instagram hashtag with less than 2000 likes and 20 comments.
  2. Everyday there is at least 1 boosted Youtube video on the trending page (Youtube tries to stop it but its still happening).
  3. Buying Twitter retweets & likes is one the most powerful marketing techniques that is used by many, you can attract a lot of attention and get on “top tweet” with as low as 200 retweets and likes depending on the hashtag used.
  4. YouTube ranks videos by how long it is viewed and the amount of people commented, it is heavily manipulated daily.
  5. Most celebrities you follow purchased followers at least once.
  6. 60% of our Instagram clients are “models” & Entrepreneurs.
  7. Our biggest clientele comes from Los Angeles.
  8. There is a huge trend growing in buying Instagram followers in Australia more than any other country in the world.



Achieving a top position on the trending page of YouTube.

The key ingredient in our marketing strategy for achieving a top position on YouTube is speed and the quality of the views that we are sending. For example, if our client needs to trend in the United States, we will be sending out targeted USA views. One of the most important thing is to keep the video unlisted as soon as it’s uploaded. After that we begin to send the views and we make sure that the views maintain high retention. Having 80% retention or above is very important. Once all of the views are successfully delivered. Our client makes the video public and ends up satisfied with a trending position achieved.


Helping premium Vevo channels to maintain on the music charts.

Keeping rising and already established artists on the charts is pretty simple, we send out a steady flow of 250,000 – 1,000,000 views per day, YouTube loves to see a steady flow of traffic on videos, and to maintain the position of ranking we need to keep the views going as well as user engagement such as comments and likes.


Boosting YouTube’s video Retention

Retention is a metric of how long your video is watched, Youtube has now made filters that catch botted fake retention and if they catch you doing it, the damage done will be long-term and your video will be “ghosted” from search results.

Having high retention means your video is very interesting and it should be recommended to overs.

Here at Rantic we are using technologies way beyond the simple JavaScript browser scripts that sends spammy traffic to your videos in the background whenever you visit a certain website, we are doing next level marketing for top A list celebrities, we cannot afford to put our clients at risk.

We use 100% real traffic that emulates real human high-retention browser watching behavior that even google’s background captcha system cannot detect. You probably don’t know this but when you browse Youtube and when you do any activity such as commenting, liking or watching the video, Youtube records every little action on-page such as mouse activity and the time it takes you to make an action! we studied all those little details and we use it to better our marketing algorithms.


Manipulating the comment section and helping artists create a movement / trend.

Imagine comments coming from very active profiles with pictures and videos of their own saying anything you want them to say? imagine all of the top comments also orchestrated by the marketers such as Rantic, what remains real? well here at Rantic we fully orchestrate the comment section for our clients, it enhances our client’s marketability and social presence online, no one would even question or know it was all bought!

Creating news trends, memes and jokes can start from the comment section alone and the idea can grow virally from the comment sections of Youtube to Instagram pages coming from our experience.


Yes Subscribers can also be cheated, we can do up to 500,000 subscribers on Youtube.

With our growing database of subscribers, we can proudly say achieving over 500,000 subscribers on Youtube is easier than ever if you are ready to pay for it. although not everybody can afford 500,000 subscribers and many would question the value of 500,000 boosted subscribers, here at Rantic we say having 500,000 more subscribers pushes your channel way up to the top 1%. It’s a very common practice amongst our Vevo clients since Vevo channels have poor subscriber conversion rate due to how rare Vevo channels post content and how bad Vevo content restriction is.


Creating a false image of haters and how it helps to maintain balance of your brands social presence online.

There is nothing more important than keeping the promotional balance of your brand online.

Here are some stats

  1. For every 1000 likes you need 35 dislikes,
  2. With every 50 good comments you need 7 hater comments,
  3. For every 3 top comments you need 1 top comment that makes up a joke,
  4. The sense of legit community response is a must.


Social media sites used to be much stricter, why it’s safer than ever to buy followers, views & likes.

Social media sites such as Youtube, Instagram & Twitter used to ban without any questions any users that would increment the numbers in a very unnatural way, now that a lot of time has passed, MILLIONS of people buy followers and likes from sites such as Rantic – Social networks use a new technique. Instead of banning they filter out the views, followers and whatever they can catch that was “Botted”. They do it very poorly now and can only catch 5% – 10%, once detected they later “shave” the numbers. It is evident that they will not go back to old ways of removing or banning people since more and more people apply “buying followers” marketing techniques to their marketing strategy.


Majority of artists on the rise & Instagram models use Rantic to buy Instagram followers, here’s why.

You have a song out, you have a new app that just came out. A lot of eyes are on you. But you are low on followers and you want to attract maximum amount of attention. Boosting numbers online allows you to create the illusion that you are growing 10x faster than you are. This gives you an upper-hand in your marketing plan.


With the right budget you can trend on all 4 Social media platforms at the same time.

Get more likes on Instagram.

Have YouTube in the “most watched” arena,

We have your tweets re-tweeted to the maximum. We make all of this possible.

Our inventory of accounts has grown bigger than ever, you can achieve:

500,000 Twitter re-tweets

1,000,000 Instagram post likes

30,000,000 YouTube views

All of that – done in less than one month.